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The RD PDW was Designed with the end user in mind; sustainability and suppression were the first things on everyone’s mind. The ability to combat the enemy as well as hearing loss were our top priorities. Maneuverability, and precision were also key factors in development. With the ever changing battle field, the expression: “to adapt is to survive” was at the forefront of our priorities. With a 6.5” barrel and a 6” suppressor this PDW system allows the end user to manuever in close quarters with ease. It’s short profile also allows the firearm to be easily concealed/ stored, whether for a plain clothes op or just for ease of portability. 

• 7” MHR Handguard with Hybrid M-LOK attachment points
• 6.5” chromoly barrel
• 6” 3D printed Haynes© 282© suppressor
• Proprietary I/R Reflective suppressor coating for I/R signature reduction and thermal mitigating properties
• MIL-STD Upper and Lower Receiver
• MIL-STD Lower parts kit
• B5 grip
• Magpul MVG
• Height: 7.5”
• Length: 28.5” Fully extended 

      23.5” Fully collapsed

Weight: 6.5lbs

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