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240 FVS Machine Gun Suppressor

Caliber: .30

240 FVS 3.jpg
  • Made to exceed the lifecycle of weapon system

  • Venturi activated cooling

  • Salt air resistant and 100% hydrophobic

  • Implosion resistant Monolithic design for structural integrity.

  • Reduced levels of heat on barrel and gas system when compared to traditional non-breathing suppressors

  • Honeycomb superstructure to increase rigidity and surface area

  • Krink-styled brake and hidden muzzle to mitigate thermal, sound, and flash

  • Proprietary I/R Reflective coating for I/R signature reduction

  • Forward venting core for pressure stabilization, decreased back pressure and wear

  • Unsuppressed: 164 db
    Suppressed: 137.2 db

  • Weight: 3.8lbs (1.72 kg)

  • Length: 27.94 cm

MSRP: $2,899

Radical Defense introduces the 240 FVS Machine Gun Suppressor for the modern battlefield. 3D printed monolithic design using a nickel-based Super Alloy, used on the NASA Mars Rover and F-35 JSF program. The 240 FVS is the most durable suppressor on the market to date. Designed specifically for the Belt Fed Machine Gun, the FVS is capable of 1000+ rounds of sustained full-automatic fire while providing operators with sound, thermal, and flash mitigation.

The 240 FVS utilizes a forward venting monolithic design controlling cyclic rate while the internal Venturi and venturi assist ports reduces back pressure, heat and bring cool air throughout the suppressor. The 240 FVS is protected in a high-temp infrared retardant coating providing signature reduction and a higher level of concealability. The 240 FVS was developed with the soldier in mind, using cutting edge technology and materials to create a safe, robust, reliable and one of a kind suppression system for the modern battlefield.

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